The Art of You as Printed Portrait Art

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As 2017 begins, we set our sights on what will be most important to us as portrait artists.  This year our focus will be a commitment to craft  Legacy Printed Portraits to enjoy now, and to be enjoyed by future generations. Did you know that professionally printed portraits will now last more than a lifetime?  Portrait art is also at it's finest and has become important again. 

There is a fear that we will look back and not see this generation in printed art.   Because of this, a  movement has started called;   Print. The Movement. We believe in this wholeheartedly, and in 2017, our commitment will be to create,  "The Art of You" in print so that it can be enjoyed by all who see it!

Happy Holidays!

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Have a magical Christmas!



Haunted Halloween Portraits

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Creative Halloween Spooks

Halloween is a time to have old fashioned fun and also a time to be creative.  We  are always amazed at the creativity and want to share a few of last years Haunted subjects with you.  In many instances, these costumes are put together from the "attic".  The Photographer is a great example.  This year we are limiting the times for our Haunted Portraits.  If you wish to be part of our special event, just call us at 512-450-0418 and we will be happy to include you with our most prestigious spooks. 




PPA International Print Competition

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PPA International Print Competition

We are pleased to announce that both Susan and Marta did very well in the 2015 PPA International Print Competition.  This year there were nearly 5,200 submitted entries into the PPA print competition.  Only 2,100 images were selected for the General Collection and only 1,085 were selected for the Loan Collection.

Susan had two  images  accepted into PPA's prestigious Loan Collection and one of her images merited for the General Exhibit.  Susan's Loan Collection prints will be featured in the PPA Loan Collection book which showcases the "best of the best" in PPA's print competition. 

Marta entered four images.  All of her images received a  merit for the General Exhibit giving her the honor of being a Bronze Photographer of the Year.  There were only 57 Bronze Medalists this year. One of Marta's images will also be featured in the Showcase Book of General Collection images.




Seniors 2015

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Congratulations 2015 Graduates !

 2015 Graduatesg

Senior 2016 Model Reps

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Be amazing and have fun with free sessions.   Earn credits towards your portraits when your become part of our Senior Rep Progam.  Call 512-450-0418 and apply before January 30!


2016 Senior Models Girls


Family Portrait Sessions for Holiday Cards

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Celebrate Family

Celebrate family with a designer portrait session this holiday season.

September is the perfect time to schedule this session.