Crystal Ball 2010

  • Published March 17th, 2010 by


The setting for the 2010 Crystal Ball was stunning in frosty blues and whites.  Our day started at 9:00 AM with photography of the  Princesses with their Moms and Grandmothers. We began the evening with photographs of the debs, escorts and their families.  The debutante presentation was beautiful, and everyone relaxed during the party that followed.  We are thrilled to be part of this gala which benefits Helping Hand Home for children. 

Our team of photographers,   Rita, Tracey, Esmeralda, Marta  and I would like to share a sampling of the images with you. 




Grant Explores the Studio Backyard

  • Published February 27th, 2010 by

It's always fun to try something new. We photographed Grant's session in one of those areas that is typically ignored, but sometimes frequented by little boys.   We had a great time!



Ella Rose

  • Published October 23rd, 2009 by

What a beautiful name for a beautiful little girl!  It was Ella Rose's turn to have her portrait made, and she did a wonderful job.  We created this extraordinary image which will compliment the portraits of her older brothers.


Daddy's Little Princess

  • Published August 15th, 2009 by

What little girl does not want to be Daddy's Princess?  Callie was a true Princess during her portrait session to create a surprise portrait for daddy. 

The Santos Family

  • Published June 4th, 2009 by

What a great session!  The black and white image was taken a few years ago.  The guys have really grown.  You can see the most recent session in our video.



Congratulations Seniors 2010

  • Published June 3rd, 2009 by



Congratulations Seniors. 



What an exciting year!  Your senior year will be a busy one.   Now, is a great time to plan your senior portrait.  Your portrait should make a statement about who you are. Be creative, plan a portrait with flair, and  select a location that matches your personality.  We would love to share your ideas.       




Laura and Katherine at Dunvegan Keep

  • Published April 30th, 2009 by

What would you rather do on spring break than have your photograph taken at 8:00 in the morning?


Laura has been photographed quite a lot and takes it in stride.

Katherine, however, is a bit wary and independent, and was not so sure.  With guidance from her sister and entertainment by Mom and Dad, she also went through the session with ease.  Dunvegan Keep is beautiful in the morning and provides more places to photograph than time allows.  We had fun!